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Nigerian Tech Talent Company Ingryd Launches 1,000-Person Scholarship Program


Ingryd Academy, a leading Nigerian tech talent training and outsourcing organisation, has unveiled its first cohort of 1,000 students in its new Scholarship Program. The program aims to tackle Africa’s tech talent shortage by training 4,000 professionals annually in skills like cybersecurity, data science, and software development.

At a recent induction ceremony marking the start of the 3-month program, Ingryd Academy stated the intensive training will equip participants with the knowledge to thrive in the evolving tech industry. The scholarship aligns with Ingryd’s mission to empower individuals with key technical abilities.

Managing Director Khadijat Abdulkadir said ample jobs exist, but not enough qualified candidates fill these roles. “Ingryd is training people to perform in those jobs,” she emphasised.

The Academy partners with the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) on scholarships for Lagos residents. Applicants take an aptitude test, with selection based on scores and passion for technology. The program includes hands-on learning, coaching, and placement support.

Africa faces an estimated tech talent gap of over 3 million by 2025, with countries like Nigeria experiencing acute shortages. Reasons include talent flight abroad and inadequate training opportunities locally.

Ingryd Academy’s scholarship tackles these challenges by removing financial barriers to skills acquisition for passionate aspirants. Abdulkadir said contrary to belief, open jobs exist but require qualified applicants that Ingryd trains.

The program’s first 1,000 students will receive training in niche skills like Java programming and data analytics that make graduates instantly employable. Hands-on learning and job placement support also give participants real experience and connections.

By unlocking access to tech education, Ingryd Academy’s bold scholarship initiative aims to transform lives and fill Africa’s tech talent void. Graduates can seize abundant opportunities rather than pursue uncertain prospects abroad.

The program represents a model of private sector investment in developing local talent versus importing expensive foreign skills. Its inaugural 1,000 students are the vanguard of a movement to quench Africa’s thirst for tech expertise from within through training, mentorship, and motivation.



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