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A Number of Nigerian Hubs Launch a Network—Innovation Support Network (ISN)


TechInAfrica – There’s a total of 75 innovation hubs in Nigeria have united to launch a network for Nigerian body. The network is called the Innovation Support Network (ISN) Hubs. ISN has received approval from the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and identity itself as an NGO.

These hubs come from different regions of Nigeria and formed ISN with the main purpose to strengthen and deepen collaborations between hubs and entrepreneurs across Nigeria. Each of the hubs had to pay around ₦25,000 for a subscription.

Theodore Longji, the new CEO of nHub—one of the 75 hubs, said: “What we had previously was perhaps not strong enough in terms of sourcing for funds, opportunities and partnerships for hubs in the entire startup ecosystem.”

Hanson Johnson, CEO of Start Innovation hub
Hanson Johnson, CEO of Start Innovation hub via

Meanwhile, Hanson Johnson, CEO of Start Innovation hub, noted: “Individually, hubs find it difficult to achieve their goals. Coming together so far has given hubs a platform for collaboration, partnerships, exchange programmes and also an idea of what is happening in other regions.”

The existence of hubs plays an important role in a country’s development. Hubs help to create jobs and can drive socio-economic growth through the initiatives. They also create awareness for science, technology, as well as innovation.

Each hub believes that they have to work together in order to make things work. Working together means that they support each other with capacity, knowledge, finance, network, and so on. By initiating this, they hope to make a difference, in a positive way.



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