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OpenAI Releases New Update for Its ChatGPT Model


OpenAI releases another update just a few days after releasing the GPT-4 AI model. This update was triggered by the increasing demands of users who wanted the AI model to perform everyday tasks.

  • From booking flights and accommodation to assisting with online shopping, restaurant recommendations, carrying out computer-based activities, and more.

This update was made possible by plugins developed by twelve companies, namely Slack, Klarna, Shopify, Wolfram, OpenTable, Milo, KAYAK, Expedia, Instacart, FiscalNote, Speak, and Zapier.

Slack is a messaging platform developed for professional and organizational forms of communication. Klarna is a shopping platform that allows users to compare and contrast the prices of goods or products from different online shops. Shopify enables you to browse several products from popular brands. Wolfram gives users access to real-time information, math-related information, and computative service. 

OpenTable recommends restaurant choices while helping you with booking a table. Milo is a family-centered model that helps families to manage their time and activities. KAYAK is a travel-oriented platform where users can discover affordable flight options, accommodation, and rental cars, as well as tourist attractions.

Expedia focuses on flight and accommodation packages and top tourist locations. Instacart is centered on e-commerce and permits users to shop for groceries online. FiscalNote provides real-time information for political and legal purposes. Speak is a language tutoring platform powered by AI that helps users master a new language. While Zapier is an automation tool used to aid workflow among thousands of apps.

These updates will only make the ChatGPT model invaluable to users, as the AI model can now perform a variety of key functions needed by individuals. Their value will only keep rising as OpenAI plans to keep expanding the abilities of its products.

These plugins will only be made available to a small group of developers, ChatGPT Plus users, and subsequently more people.  


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