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Orange Egypt unveils their latest Smart Cities Solutions and Digital services

The new product was launched at Cairo ICT 2020 to enhance Egypt’s digital transformation

Orange Egypt

Orange Egypt took part in the  24th Cairo ICT event that ran from November 22-25 and was presided over by H.E. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi. Orange showcased some of it’s finest technologies in its desire to digitally transform significant projects and other digital services targeting SMEs for individuals across critical sectors.

Orange’s new technologies are transformative in the areas of Smart transportation, distance learning, and e-commerce. Under the Smart Cities section, Orange presented Intelligent Transportation System solutions (ITS) that support the automation and control of smart lighting, road services, facial recognition surveillance cameras which are the main pillars in raising a city’s security efficiency.

orange exhibition

Part of Orange’s demonstration was a New Administrative City Data Center (CDC), which they were tasked to design, build, and operate as part of a US$135 million deal. The new state of the art facility will be among the key technology hubs in Egypt and Africa. The CDC will also serve public entities, government departments, and the private sector.

Orange announced participation with e-finance, the operating financial arm of the Egyptian government, in addition to their Smart Gate solutions access control that offers services to citizens through a dedicated mobile application.

It will also help AUCD to become a cloud service provider for various government ministries and the private sector. Education is a key focus and pillar for  Egypt’s strategy and vision for 2030. In an effort to play a key role in the sector’s future, Orange showcased the Learning Management System (LMS) that is great for digital distance learning where universities and schools can manage their educational resources through one dedicated platform.

Through the LMS platform, students can study online, communicate with their educators, download educational content, and study material, while parents can track the progress of their students. This system can also manage the schools and university bus systems.

Orange also demonstrated digital services that can enhance the educational process through cooperation from the  Ministry of Education and a Technical Education and Al Mentor Company.


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