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The Partech is a joint venture aimed at providing venture capital fund. The startup is dedicated to meet the highly esteemed pan-African standards. With influential innovations, the Partech Africa has secured new prime offices in Dakar, Senegal. It has also ensured double efforts through continuous commitments to the service industry. The goals have been met through a continued support arising from renowned financial institutions consisting of the World Bank Group.

With Intensive Corporation arising from the Edenred and the corporate investors’ orange, Partech Africa has had the intention of intensifying a calculated stage growth funding. They have set up initial tickets set to motivate talented African Teams by use of the modern technological market strategies to meet the world market.

This venture is a dedicated tech fund instituted with international financial institutions in ensuring that the goals and set objectives are met. The link is hence extended to the mobile consumer services consisting of education, world entertainment groups as well as the digital provision technologies.

Partech Africa incorporates and forms part of the global Partech platform. The venture will thus benefit from the influential expertise experience exhibited in the platform. Obtaining moral support, expertise services and that possibility of developing the business through intrinsic motivation arising from belonging.

Just like any other thriving industry may be instituted. Partech Africa has its general partners. The renown Cyril Collon whom in the past has held different positions is recommended for a better experience. His major skills and competence brought the company into the world most preferred industry. His remote network skills are admired by different executives within the industrial market.

The renown Tidjane Deme who performed different roles at the Africas Google services also accelerated the youtube strategy within the region. He initiated the CommonSys IT Consulting services in the Western part of Africa. He is also recommended in line with the Silicon Valley startup and Cosine Communications.


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