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PayFast Reaches Single R299 950 Purchase on Black Friday


TechInAfrica – Compared to 2019, the number of new customers acquainted with eCommerce over lockdown supported Black Friday weekend total online transaction volumes by 50%. It is as indicated by information delivered by online payment gateway PayFast. The company prepared a 283% expansion of incomplete payment volumes on Black Friday alone contrasted with a busy day, for example, payday.

Jonathan Smit, Founder of PayFast, says that Black Friday in 2020 surpassed the quantities that have appeared in the previous years. The fast acceptance of eCommerce throughout 2020 has implied that more individuals shopping on the web, particularly in fears of a COVID-19 resurgence,

Compared to 2020, where the average basket only values R803, in this year, the highest transaction for the day was R299.950. Moreover, online shoppers spent more per basket at R1 243. Smith added, “alongside big-ticket items like TVs and gaming consoles, more purchases were made online for items that are traditionally brick-and-mortar, the retail store focused, like toiletries, cosmetics and essential.”

During the lockdown, the buyer trend showed that 66% of purchases were using a mobile device. Smartphone utilization implies that buyers can shop literally from anyplace, any time. Payfast sees stores and payment strategies better provide towards the need for mobile too. 

Merchants have invested in their online platform during these six past months to provide better-advanced user experiences for those who are using the application for the first time. Smit says, “This Black Friday offered a more considered and improved customer experience across the board. Lockdown was a good test for many eCommerce businesses, with lessons carried into this peak period.”



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