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PayTabs Egypt collaborates with the savings platform Waffarha to launch digital payment options


PayTabs Egypt a leader in payment and processing in the MENA region and winner of multiple awards has teamed up with the digital savings platform Waffarha. 

The objective of the partnership is to supply the Egyptian market with attractive offers on a wide variety of goods and services at prices that are within reasonable ranges. 

The products can be intuitively acquired through online payment options for customers and are supported by cutting-edge technology.

As a result of this partnership, end-users of Waffarha’s platform will have access to the best discounts. They will be able to make use of PayTabs Egypt’s payment choices to complete their purchases’ payment process in an expedient and streamlined way. In addition, by providing more user-friendly payment options, merchants on the site will now be able to attract a larger pool of potential buyers.

Customers can access Waffarha’s website or mobile application to locate the greatest bargains on various goods and services, including but not limited to food and beverages, health and beauty items, activities, and hotels and resorts. And make the most of your time shopping by using your credit card to make purchases. Customers can also save card data for future payments.

Due to the cooperation, more customers will be able to utilize Waffarha to shop without any problems using the payment gateway platform provided by PayTabs Egypt. While merchants on the Waffarha platform can increase their market footprint by reaching a wider variety of customers around the country, notably some who like to use credit cards, they may reach more customer groups.

Hany Soliman, the General Manager of PayTabs’ Africa operations, said, “We couldn’t be more proud of this relationship, as it is a vital step in facilitating payment options for a huge consumer market such as Egypt.” Via our partnership with a financial services powerhouse like Waffarha, we can provide our customers with a cutting-edge and intuitive platform through which they can pay their bills in a matter of minutes and with the simple push of a button. 

This cooperation will drive the nation’s mission toward a cashless society and contribute to the comfort of the people by making it easier for them to access payment alternatives that are convenient for them. Egypt now utilizes PayTabs.Through the use of reliable and user-friendly payment methods, we at PayTabs Egypt have made it our mission to simplify and improve the lives of others. This relationship will allow for greater access to bargains at lower prices, making shopping decisions more fun.

“Over the past few years, here at Waffarha, our staff has worked tirelessly to ensure that our platform benefits merchants and end-users. With this partnership with PayTabs, Egypt’s leading gateway to e-payment solutions, we look forward to building on this success and taking it one step further, said Tarek Magdy, Chief Executive Officer of Waffarha. According to findings from recent studies, consumers are shifting their shopping habits and increasingly relying on digital payment methods for their daily purchases of goods and services. By forming a partnership with PayTabs Egypt, we are making it possible for customers in Egypt not only to shop online hassle-free but also to take advantage of the many deals currently available on the market.

PayTabs has developed and released a comprehensive stack of game-changing mobile applications throughout its history. These applications include solutions for the hospitality industry, as well as solutions for government, education, travel, and transportation. Connect the many business chains in the MENA region, which are worth multiple billions of dollars.

Waffarha is collaborating with one of EFG Hermes Holding’s Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI) platform participants for the second time, thanks to their new agreement with PayTabs Egypt. It has become a part of the value network in the year 2020, Egypt’s most prominent Buy-Now, Pay-Later (BNPL) financial technology platform,



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