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OyaPay Adds “Order Ahead” Feature to Its Updated Version of Mobile Application


TechInAfrica – An online payment company, OyaPay has added a new feature to its mobile application. The updated version has now had Order Ahead feature, enabling its users and business owners to do some transactions, including making an order, receiving orders, as well as payments transactions for goods in-app.

By adding the new feature to the updated version of the mobile application, the company has settled two key issues; visibility and flexibility. As for most merchants, the other issue the often face is how to keep customers doing transactions, thus, the new feature emerged as the solution.

OyaPay Order Ahead
OyaPay Order Ahead via

What to Know About OyaPay

OyaPay is an offline mobile application that uses QR code to proceed. The technology enables offline merchants to use all type of mobile phones to receive payment as well as orders from customers. It is used in supermarkets under the name of OyaPayGo which allows shopping and payment transactions go smoothly.

In a summary, the company introduces an offline payment technology to its customers/users without having to worry about the cost—it is low cost—and the complexity of the technology.

About the Order Ahead feature

The new feature enables customers to add products they want via the app as well as take orders and receive payments. It’s an all-in-one app. Customers are able to search either merchants/restaurant via the app, make an order, do a payment, and pick it up once it is complete.

This new feature has made the platform’s popularity increasing as it strengthens the relationship between customers and business. The platform uncovers a number of businesses both registered and unregistered ones and customers who depend more on offline payments. Furthermore, it will boost the use of cashless money.

OyaPay Order Ahead Feature
OyaPay Order Ahead Feature via

As what the CEO of OyaPay, Abdulhamid Hassan said, “This new feature allows OyaPay to further achieve its mission of allowing users and offline businesses transact digitally. We’ve succeeded in satisfying the urge to be more than just any other payment solution. There was always that strong desire to provide more value to our end users and merchants. We are extremely glad that every registered user or business on OyaPay can do more than just make and receive payments.”

What customers can expect from Order Ahead feature:

  • It enables customers to make offline payments conveniently regardless when and where.
  • Customers can search nearby locations of coffee shops, restaurant, eateries, etc.
  • Make orders and do payments right away via the mobile app
  • As for business owners, they can proceed with orders conveniently.

Other features that come along with the updated version

  • Campaign Creator: a feature that enables users to use a self-service marketing tool provided on the app. It helps merchants to set out a strategy on gaining more customers through data-driven campaigns.
  • CRM: a feature that helps merchants to handle their customers and business
  • Loyalty & Gifting: a feature established under a partnership with ThankuCash, rewarding loyal customers with “gifts” that can be redeemed immediately and conveniently.
  • SDK Integration: a feature that is integrated with several of Nigeria’s banks, enabling users to use the features without having to download the app

To know more about the mobile application, please visit Click here if you want to download the app.


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