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Rain Introduces Voice Service Feature


South Africa’s data mobile network operator, Rain, has expanded its network to break into the voice service market.

They will now offer high-quality voice calls, data, and sms throughout the country. Titled “The rainOne” package, this service combines home internet, data, and voice services into one affordable plan. With this move, Rain has become the fourth telecommunications company after Vodacom, MTN, and Telkom.

Rain’s success in 5G shows it can stand toe to toe with the other telcos as they also plan to coat its existing 4G network with a new layer to lead to more extensive coverage.

Brandon Leigh, the CEO, has said that “the convergence of a home and mobile voice and data offerings in one affordable plan is an innovation we are confident will appeal to South Africans. We recognize that our customers have family members, so, with rainOne, we are catering not only to their need to access the internet from home but also outside on their mobile devices,” 

Rain also allows consumers to fuse home internet, data, and voice services in one package. Rainone customers will easily port their active number and use Rain Mobile as their main SIM, which comes with National 4G mobile coverage. 

Rain’s move into this market came after it acquired Spectrum in 2022. It has also garnered a quality reputation in the home internet market and is now expanding to show its seriousness as a key player in the mobile market space. This new combination plan offered will provide South Africans with another option for mobile services

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