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Vodacom Launches Mozambique’s First 5G Network


Vodacom, the largest mobile network operator in Mozambique, has announced the launch of Mozambique’s first 5G network. The company plans to deploy 5G services at selected sites in Maputo, Matola, the central area of Nampula, downtown Nacala, Munhava, Maquinino, and Chipanga neighborhoods, Beira, and Tete.

The introduction of 5G technology is expected to significantly improve the quality of the telecommunications service provided in the country, particularly in the realization of the Internet of Things (IoT) and ‘smart everything’ (smart cities, smart agriculture, smart ports, etc.). 

Mozambique’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Mateus Magala, has emphasized that 5G technology is essential to support these cases

Vodacom, which operates in seven other African countries, has expressed excitement about bringing quality network connectivity to African communities, enabling individuals and businesses to be closer to the global digital economy.

Nuno Quelhas, Vodacom Mozambique’s CEO, has stated that the introduction of 5G will help to improve the quality of life and promote the growth of the youthful population.

Quelhas has further noted that 5G technology will help to expand financial inclusion in Mozambique. The aim is to cover 75% of the adult Mozambican population by 2025 and make payments through M-Pesa available anywhere in the country.

Data from Omdia has revealed that Vodacom Mozambique is the country’s biggest mobile operator, with over 11.3 million customers in the first quarter of 2023. The company has achieved a 75% coverage rate on its 2G network and 80% coverage on its 4G network.

In conclusion, Vodacom’s introduction of 5G in Mozambique is a significant step forward for the country’s telecommunications sector.

The launch of 5G technology will help Mozambique to bridge the digital divide and improve access to the internet, providing greater connectivity to communities across the country. This will enable individuals and businesses to connect more effectively with the global digital economy, improving quality of life and economic growth.


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