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Botswana Set to Enjoy Better Vehicle Solutions Due to Webfleet


Webfleet, Bridgestone’s fleet management solution, is expanding its services to the South African Development Community (SADC). This expansion has led to a recent partnership with Kgare Digital to provide high-end tech skills and jobs in Botswana, making it the third portion in the African market after Namibia and South Africa. 

They have leveraged Bridgestone’s penetration of the African market to improve logistics clients’ business efficiency and road user safety. The South Africa Sales Director, Justin Manson, has announced that it was the right time to expand in the SADC region since they offer resources to logistics and transport customers in that niche. 

Webfleet telematics services cover basic vehicle tracking and comprehensive fleet management like diagnostic data collection and real-time route optimization. Customers also get additional advanced solutions like onboard cameras and other hardware per request. 

Webfleet promises its customers improvements in maintenance and fuel cost, safer drivers, and road users as this partnership with Botswana’s Kgare Digital will provide sales training, delivery, and capabilities services. 

Botswana is a landlocked country and thus imports almost everything they consume. They use the Namibia and South Africa entry point road network as their primary mode of transporting goods. This makes it necessary to digitize vehicles to run more efficiently. The General Manager of Kgare Digital, Malebogo Busang, has affirmed that this partnership will provide quality jobs in that sector and boost it as Botswana will have access to advanced capabilities in the telematics and logistics sector.

Botswana will enjoy increased investment, job creation, and advancement in the transport and logistics sector because of this partnership, thus bringing a new era for connected vehicle solutions, logistics efficiency, cost reduction, and road safety. 

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