Regenize Wins Cape Town Tour of DEMO Africa


The startup founders were full of hope, their minds fully occupied with ideas and their hands holding innovative products with the aim of becoming the winners of the South African tour of DEMO Africa challenge. Regenize was shortlisted to take part in the DEMO Africa’s Cape Town tour. The startup’s main aim is to make a habitable environment by reusing collected materials. Furthermore, it hopes to attain that by educating the masses on the importance of recycling.

Using the Gen as the short form of Generation, the company works on informing the generation about recycling. According to Legazy’s founder Zuko Tisani, given that Cape Town has got a more active startup scene compared to Johannesburg, it was easier having the tour’s development profitable and startup pitch that is impactful. According to him, Akiba, Kazi, and Regenize closely challenged each other for the first position by the judges. However, Regenize is the one that emerged the winner after showcasing its great green and gamification element. Legazy was a co-host of the Cape Town tour.

DEMO Africa is on a mission in Africa to uproot, promote and deepen Africa’s startup ecosystem to the global market. It does that by introducing shortlisted startups from across Africa to strategic partners, corporate acquirers, global media practitioners and investors to help them grow Africa’s economy. The platform has helped create over 200 jobs that are high paying. Furthermore, it has mentored over 250 startups STEMS from Africa.

According to Harry Hare from DEMO Africa, has been a great experience to manage to host two innovative tours in the same country. He added that they were thankful to their partners, UCT solutions, and Legazy. The groups managed to make the event a success, promoting the platform’s goal of discovering startups that are full of potential. Regenize will join GetHosted and Loyal1 to represent South Africa in the regional challenge. The three will compete against Zimbabwean based SMART and Botswana representative that is yet to be selected.


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