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SA healthtech startup launches Innovative digital platfrom looking to empower nurses across Africa


As it marks this year’s International Nurses’ Day, Patient Health (Pty) Ltd, an innovative South African healthtech start-up has launched Afrinurse; a digital platform supporting and empowering nurses. The launch coincides with the International Nurses’ Day theme of, “A voice to lead; A vision for future Health care“.

Patient Health (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2018 by Lehlogonolo Sylvester Msuthwana. The black-youth-owned startup was incubated at the Gauteng Innovation Hub.

Afrinurse uses innovative technology to centralize resources and services that empower and support nurses, their careers, and wellbeing. According to the International Council of Nurses,  Covid-19 is causing mass trauma among the global nurse force. It further points out how over 2,200 nurses have lost their lives due to high infection levels and overstretched staff working in distressing conditions. Covid-19 has created so many restrictions in the work environment limiting the ability of nurses to interact or share advice. The pandemic has also resulted in several job losses, creating a dilemma for many nurses.

Patient Health (Pty) Ltd looks to solve these challenges by the launch of “Afrinurse” an innovative tool that leverages technological support to empower nurses across the continent. This multifeatured platform supports the overall wellness of nurses by providing access to mental health tools, creating a booking platform that connects psychologists to online healthcare professionals.

There is a library for practical and verified educational videos that assist nurses on the best ways of managing the pandemic, handling the vaccines, and other nursing-related topics. A built-in job board centralizes all aspects of nursing such as job hunting or moonlighting. Afrinurse has an ingenious way of appraising nurses through a “Nurse Hero” feature. An interactive “Ask a nurse” feature helps nurses transfer knowledge while engaging with others across Africa.

A nurse residing in the township has created an app empowering and supporting nurses. Covid-19 has reinforced the significant role played by nurses within the healthcare industry.


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