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SA last-mile delivery brand Picup launches new model for branded deliveries


Picup is an SA delivery simplified company. The company has introduced a new concept where its drivers act as the face of the brand. Picup offers a new model for innovation in the courier and logistics space. The company has decided to pivot from the traditional e-commerce model where companies had no face-to-face interactions with their customers. Picup is now changing all this by introducing Picup Plus, a premium driver network for businesses.

Picup logistics for Pharma is another feature where there is full integration from the store level ensuring valuable and time-sensitive products get delivered to customers in a timely fashion. The tech platform offers Multi-User Management, Dedicated Store Portals, and a Fleet Manager for Own Drivers. 

In the case of logistic management for groceries – the platform offers instant collection, order merges, and predictive ETA. As a premium service, Picup Plus targets businesses that require drivers to maintain their brands. This service was designed for business clients looking for a delivery experience aligned to their customer experience strategies. The new division launched in June 2021.

Ashley Arendse, Picup’s Head of Operations and Human Resources pointed out how innovation did not stop when the country experienced the lockdown. Picup Plus runs on a selection basis that measures the performance of drivers while observing key elements such as driver performance and other factors like the track record, experience, customer feedback, and internal ratings.

The new technology deployed by Picup runs on AI modules developed to promote good behavior and a willingness to work. Picup Plus also facilitates payments and ID verification on arrival. Picup Pay will soon be launched to allow credit cards and Snapscan payments-on-delivery.


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