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Samsung Targets Kenya to Market Its QLED TVs


TechInAfrica – Samsung, a well-known Korean electronics brand, has targeted Kenya to market its QLED TVs as the region in which the consumers want to experience “top of the range technology from their TVs”. The lineup of the QLED TVs has been introduced globally this early year in New York.

The Head of Consumer Electronics of Samsung Electronics East Africa, Samuel Odhiambo stated: “The latest QLED TV is most definitely our most innovative yet. The 2018 line up is not only sophisticated for the modern day consumer but also minds the aesthetics of their space. Its features include improved picture quality, design, connectivity, and intelligence, creating a truly limitless TV.”

The 2018 new features of Samsung QLED TVs are expected to bring colorful lives to consumers by the quality of the design and images offered by the device. Moreover, consumers are also able to enjoy the content as well as interact with their devices.

Samsung East Africa
Samsung East Africa via

Throughout the global launch on New York, Samsung explained that the innovative elements of the QLED TVs included the quality of picture and the intuitive smart capabilities. The device is meant to provide consumers with enjoyment while watching TV contents without distractions even without having to watch actively.

The most highlighted feature of the 2018 Samsung QLED TVs is the “ambient mode” where it is functioning for energy-saving that enables it to display images and real-time information about the weather or news. This “ambient mode” was designed by the firm that aims to make it blend in with its surroundings.

Samuel Odhiambo explained about the special feature of the new version of Samsung QLED TVs: “Most TVs are turned off most of the time, so why not use this to show a beautifully decorative picture or some useful information instead of just being a black hole? Our new feature, ambient mode, lets you utilize the screen even when you are not watching anything on TV. You can use it to elegantly enhance your home or check the weather, news and time.”

The feature is designed for mounted TVs when customers are not watching. In order to set up the “ambient mode” feature, consumers are required to take a picture of the mounted TV through the corresponding Samsung SmartThings app. The app then will use a color or brightness matching process to display the same pattern and color as its surroundings. Additionally, consumers are also able to use their own pictures or pre-set décor images that have already been set in the device.


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