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SecuriTech Startup Sentian Secures Funding from Imfezeko Investment Holdings


TechInAfrica – Cape Town-based smart security solutions provider, Sentian, has secured funding from Imfezeko Investment Holdings, which the deal completed on September 19th. According to the SecuriTech startup, the funding will be used to expand its service to new markets.

The Sentian 3i is the startup’s keynote product launched in 2017. It is a smart security hub consisting of hardware, embedded software, a user app, and a cloud service. It is connected to other devices including existing alarm systems, CCTV, and home automation systems to enable users to monitor and control their security systems using a single application.

Sentian was founded in 2013 by Trevor Lewis and Tigue Little. Its keynote product is claimed to be able to fight false alarms using visual verification. It works by sending a video of the affected area to users’ smart devices.

The existing product is targeting the top-end product with the ongoing effort to create new products for mid-end customers. The products for mid-end customers are scheduled to be launched next year.

SecuriTech Startup Sentian Secures Funding from Imfezeko Investment Holdings
SecuriTech Startup Sentian Secures Funding from Imfezeko Investment Holdings via

According to Statistics published by Victims of crime report 2018/2019, there were about 70,000 deliberate acts of property damage and arson, as well as 260,00 home break-ins, affecting about one percent of households in the country. Therefore, the home-security products by Sentian could be the solutions for the issues.

Imfezeko Investment Holdings is a venture capital specializes in security industry tech-enabled companies and connectivity providers.  It is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and has main interests in security, technology, and connectivity.



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