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Stop Posting Your Childs’ Pictures on Social Media. Here the Reasons Why


TechInAfrica – Social media channels like Instagram and Facebook have been widely used by billions of people around the globe. Not only text posts, but people also share their pictures and videos publicly. This has been a trend since a few years back, creating some new problems coming to the surface.

Sharing personal content like pictures or videos about us and family members on social media may sound normal because many people do it. However, you must be careful when it comes to posting pictures or videos about your child. It can cause trouble related to criminal acts.

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Here are some solid reasons why you must stop posting your child’s pictures or video on social media:

  1. You invade their privacy

Either you realize it or not that you have invaded their privacy for posting the pictures. One day when they become an adult, they might come across the pictures or videos you have shared and who knows they would feel embarrassed by some of them.

Before this happens, it’s wise enough for you to be careful before posting any content regarding your children on social media. You surely don’t want your children to become the objects to ridicule of, do you?

  1. It can cause cyberbullying

Social media is home to lots of bullies. They always find anything to complain about and ridicule of. They don’t care who the objects of bullying are, even it’s a baby. You can protect your children from cyberbullying by not posting their pictures nor videos on any social media channel. This will save their future from the undesirable act.

  1. It can affect his/her future

You have no idea what remains on social media will be remembered forever. If you post any content about your children, they will stay there and never be forgotten. You never know it can affect their future negatively, especially when it comes to sensitive childhood contents. This can cause trouble when one day your children decide to run for office or hold an important position.

  1. Risks of a kidnapping

There have been many cases related to child kidnapping starting from social media. You never know someone may use your children’s photos for something bad. By posting photos of your children on social media, you give the opportunity for strangers to use them for their own benefits. Kidnapping is just one of them.

  1. Some predators may use it for their own benefits

Social media is accessible for anyone regardless of their age. Imagine you find your child sensitive photos on an inappropriate website containing phonographic material. Moreover, if you post your children’s pictures alongside the locations where they are taken, you put your children in a high risk of danger.



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