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How Sema Run App Will Engage Pupils over the Holidays

Kukua is a startup company specializes in eradicating child illiteracy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Both Kukua and Airtel believe that it’s possible to convert the time spent by African children on the phone playing games to more constructive activity. Both the companies have partnered to promote Kukua’s unique learning mobile app Sema Run that aims to get children to improve their literacy skills while loving playing an interactive mobile game.

SEMA RUN is an effective, engaging and culturally relevant App that teaches children between the ages of 5 to 10 how to read, write and do basic math. Their work is based on three main points that are educational specialists, educational specialists, and cognitive psychology. Sema Run once downloaded it operates offline hence users can utilize the app without internet connectivity and therefore making it affordable to parents. The platform takes children on an adventure while empowering them to learn how to read as it gains technological powers and go through obstacles.

The interactive app covers all letter sounds to learn how to read, offers a fun way to practice the letter sounds learned in school and also provides immediate feedback and exams at the end of each level. According to a statement by Kukua’s Co-founder and CEO, Lucrezia Bisignani the platform combines education and gaming to make their app Sema Run the perfect activity that keeps children busy doing something constructive and fun at the same time.

Kukua has collaborated with Airtel to distribute instructions on how to download the Sema Run app to more than 2 million subscribers via SMS during the holiday season to allow children to spend their free time doing something fun and meaningful. Lauding the partnership, Lucrezia expressed her excitement in having found a partner in Airtel that believes in the power of education as much as they do and one that can help reach millions of children using high-quality educational content.

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