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SetLinn Stands as The Ideal Social Media Platform


For many years, traveling and migration have been a continual practice, as individuals usually move for different purposes, including to gain a global credential, to work or link up with family abroad, to flee a crisis from their native country, to adjust their setting or become exposed to and explore diverse cultures and areas. The World Migration Report reveals that the number of Immigrants has been rising consistently in the last 50 years, which suggests that people are moving around regularly and will continue to do so in the future.

Although people may have the urge to travel, sometimes it isn’t as simple to do as they had expected. The problem is not necessarily a shortage of money, rather; it is a lack of sound knowledge and awareness that stops people from making informed decisions. Most of the people who desire to migrate face the dispute of how to move forward or the right steps to take to achieve this. It is this ignorance that has caused many people to use illegal routes to travel to escape the crisis in their countries. Asides from that, those who migrate also find it difficult to navigate their new environment and settle in easily. All this results from the lack of proper information. 

This common problem led to the establishment of Set Linn. To find a solution to the problems his immigrant friends were facing, Michael Onwuataegwu created a forum and invited them to come and share their stories and experiences, so that others could benefit from their knowledge. Initially, SetLinn was a forum for international workers and students to share their stories and relay useful information that could be of benefit to those looking to travel for similar reasons. However, SetLinn transfigured into a full-blown social media platform with a focus on travel and migration.

SetLinn is a social media platform designed to cater to the needs of intended travelers and migrants. It is a platform where users can share experiences, tell their stories, and relay information about migration and travel. The platform connects people all across the globe and provides them with the information and resources that can guide them in their travel decision.

Whether you’re an international student, an ex-pat, or a travel lover, SetLinn is the perfect platform to gather reliable information, make genuine connections, and get support from like-minded individuals. One of its endearing features is that SetLinn is a user-friendly interface system that is easy to use for both tech and non-tech individuals. The registration process is simple, and users can explore the platform once they are done signing up. SetLinn has over 7,000 active users around the world, and that number continues to increase every day. 

SetLinn is also active on other social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. They also host live events where everyone is welcome to speak and share their stories and information on how to travel abroad for work, visit or study. If you are a migration or travel lover, SetLinn is the perfect platform to find like-minded people to connect with, gain valuable and reliable information about work, studying abroad, fleeing home country crises, changing environment, or joining family overseas. SetLinn has got your back.

The SetLinn community is supportive. Members can join groups and engage in a discussion on a variety of topics related to migration and travel; users can also share experiences and advice on the SetLinn blog platform so others can learn from their experiential accounts. 

If you have ever entertained the thought of exploring foreign lands, learning about different cultures and environments, or migrating for work, school, or personal reasons and yet feel lost about where to start or intimidated by the procedures of achieving it. You can quit your worries because SetLinn has you covered. Here is a social media platform where your travel needs and migration are met.


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