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Whatsapp Launches an Official Account on Whatsapp


WhatsApp has introduced its official account of its chat app, which enables users to receive updates and tips about the social platform. WABetaInfo reported that the feature is available for iPhone and Android users who have the latest version of WhatsApp. However, it is reported to be available to a few users. Users cannot manually activate this chat feature or find WhatsApp as a user in the app. Rather, they will receive a message from WhatsApp to start up a chat. It is unclear when the feature will be available to all users.

The WhatsApp official account is like others found on Viber and Telegram. These accounts frequently notify users about new features on the platform. Legally, WhatsApp has made it easy for users to archive or block its official account if they do not wish to receive messages from it.

The first message sent by WhatsApp on its new official account was an explainer about disappearing messages, a feature the company introduced in 2020 and has since clarified. This chat feature will enable WhatsApp to communicate more directly with its users and provide valuable information about the platform.

WhatsApp has a vast user base, with over two billion users worldwide. Respectively, the company must have an effective way to communicate with its users. By providing useful tips and updates, WhatsApp can help its users get the best out of the platform. It enables the company to ensure that users are aware of new feature development and how to access them.

In conclusion, WhatsApp’s new official account is a welcome development for the app’s users. It will provide them with beneficial information and tips on how to access the platform more effectively. While the feature is currently only available to a few users, it is expected to get out to everyone shortly.


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