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Social Media Site Bluesky Reaches 1 Million Users


Bluesky, a new invite-only social media platform, has achieved 1 million users, an impressive feat given its exclusive membership model.

Unlike mainstream social sites, Bluesky requires an invite code to join. This creates an air of exclusivity that has fueled intense demand – invite codes have sold for up to $6,900 online.

Despite its underground nature, Bluesky has attracted significant interest since launching. It crossed 1 million app downloads in July, though downloads alone don’t equal users. Now, Bluesky has confirmed 1 million activated accounts.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey founded Bluesky, and its interface closely mirrors Twitter’s chronological, text-based approach. Dorsey originally envisioned Bluesky as a model for decentralised social media.

Compared to other Twitter alternatives, Bluesky’s growth has been more measured. For example, Meta’s Threads app garnered 30 million signups in its first 24 hours.

But as a niche platform requiring invites, Bluesky was never expected to achieve mainstream success. Its goal is to create a tight-knit community focused on thoughtful discussion.

To join Bluesky, new users must get an invite code, create a profile, and can then interact via posts, replies, likes and trending topic searches – similar to Twitter.

While reaching 1 million users is modest for social media, it’s an impressive step for a private platform like Bluesky. Its vision of exclusivity and thoughtful digital community continues to attract interest.



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