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The ShelterTech Accelerator Program Launched in Kenya


TechInAfrica – The ShelterTech Accelerator Program has been launched in Kenya recently. The Program aims at facilitating housing markets to low-income citizens. Providing housing facilities to its citizens is the task of Kenya’s government. However, there are still many people unable to live in decent houses. Now the Program has reached Kenya, they are ready to bring a significant change in the housing facilities in the country, making sure that low-income people get what they deserve.

ShelterTech Acceletor Program Launched in Kenya
ShelterTech Accelerator Program Launched in Kenya via

Other than providing housing market at affordable cost, the Program also uncovers job opportunities for about 350,000 people in the housing sector. The Program believes if more people get jobs opportunities, their income and life standards will also change. Moreover, their income will also generate the economy, bring a brighter future for Kenya’s economy.

The Program received more than 94 applications across the country and around 34 startups and scale-ups will be revealed on the six-month Accelerator Program. These applicants will be provided access to networks and expertise as well as an opportunity to win an investment worth up to US$50,000.

The ShelterTech Accelerator Program has been successful in Mexico and India and now the Program aiming at the same success for Kenya. Through the Program, expectedly many low-income Kenyans have opportunities to own a decent home to live with their families.


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