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SkyNet Worldwide Express leads Series A financing for South African logistics company Droppa


Droppa, a South African startup focusing on logistics, has announced that it has completed a Series A fundraising round that Skynet Worldwide Express headed. The total price of the transaction was not made public. 

SkyNet had a two-way agreement with Droppa in July 2020, when COVID-19 was at its worst. This was when SkyNet and Droppa worked together. It allowed Droppa’s clients to access SkyNet’s courier services and allowed SkyNet to expand its capacity by utilizing Droppa’s massive vehicle fleet to improve its offerings even further.

Through its cooperation with 2020 SkyNet, Droppa expanded its array of delivery services to include road and air delivery modes across the country and delivery services that operate within the same day between Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban.

Khathutshelo Mufamadi, the founder and CEO of Droppa, was directly responsible for the formation of the relationship. We were going on a major radio show to make a partnership proposition to a large logistics company. This request was taken into consideration by a SkyNet executive.

We requested a major logistics company to collaborate with Droppa on Radio 702, and they agreed to do so. This initiative drew the attention of a SkyNet Executive, who subsequently made contact, which led to the beginning of the adventure, which has become more successful over the previous two years.

As a result of the numerous lessons that we have gained, we are confident that [SkyNet] deserves a place at the table, and Droppa is excited to spread its wings and take the delivery hub worldwide by utilizing the SkyNet international network, he pointed out.

Mufamadi, a computer scientist, founded Droppa in 2016 as South Africa’s “Uber for bakkies.” Over six years of operation, it has shifted from a bakkie-for-hire model to an all-in-one delivery platform. Droppa is now known as “South Africa’s Uber for bakkies.”It has evolved from a bakkie-for-hire business model into one that provides an all-in-one delivery platform through which people and businesses can rent bakkies and trucks, courier packages, transport products and furniture, and transport furniture and goods.

TechCabal saw a press release from the two companies that said they thought the deal would speed up business growth for both brands and help them focus more on their customers.

We’re very happy about the investment being put into Droppa. Following extensive negotiations to strategically align our market offers and shape them, I am confident that the investment in Droppa will drive future company growth for both parties and enable continual innovative business solutions that will benefit our clients. Droppa has a lot of potentials, according to SkyNet Worldwide Chief Executive Officer Tommy Erasmus.

IDF Capital provided Droppa with finance worth multiple millions of rand in 2019, marking an earlier investment in the company.




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