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Spleet collaborates with Repit to provide rental assistance to Africans in the United Kingdom.


Spleet, a Nigerian proptech firm, has partnered with Repit, a rental support specialist based in the United Kingdom. 

Repit helps people move by assisting them in finding a place to live, arranging viewings, helping with references, negotiating paperwork, and giving tips on getting settled. This agreement aims to help Africans move to the UK and find a place to live.

Africans moving to the UK will gain from this partnership because Spleet will give them a 5% discount on Repit’s services, which include advice on the UK rental market and what to do in different situations.

It also gives them access to a dashboard that makes it easy to keep track of their real estate choices. The partnership should benefit Africans who move to the UK to live with family, work, or go to school.

Akintola Adesanmi, CEO and Co-founder of Spleet said of the relationship, “We are excited to work with Repit to help Africans find rental housing in the UK. Moving to a new country can be hard, especially when finding a new place to live.” 

Immigrants often have trouble with this process because they don’t know much about the UK rental market or the law requirements, don’t have a payslip as proof of money, don’t have a guarantor, etc. Everyone will find the process easier and less stressful, thanks to our relationship with Repit.

Unhassling African’s Relocation to the UK

Relocating to a new nation may be a daunting experience, especially when finding a comfortable and secure living environment.

Because of their unfamiliarity with local customs and procedures, African immigrants in the UK may find it challenging to navigate the rental market. Finding a suitable home can thus cause additional stress and anxiety for this immigrant.

African immigrants in the UK often face difficulties related to paperwork, proving financial stability, and a lack of guarantors. Through its relationship with Repit, Spleet will be able to offer concrete solutions to improve the relocating experience for African immigrants.




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