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Kora ,a Nigerian startup open office in the United Kingdom


The first Kora office in the UK has opened. Kora is an African payment infrastructure that offers a payment API for collecting and sending payments and moving money across borders.

Kora corroborated with Birmingham’s Government to power this growth. The West Midlands Growth Company is in charge of promoting regional investment and driving economic growth in the Uk and West Midlands.

According to Gideon Orovwiroro, Chief Operating Officer of Kora, “Our mission has always been to make Africa accessible financially,” and opening an office in the United Kingdom is a critical next step for us. Because it shares our objective to reduce barriers to local and worldwide trade, the West Midlands Growth Company is an intriguing associate for us.

Because of its robust infrastructure and easy access to talent, Birmingham was selected as the location for Kora’s first office in the United Kingdom. Birmingham is located in the core of the region in the United Kingdom, which is experiencing the highest growth in technology.

Through this collaboration, West Midlands Growth Company would lend its assistance to Kora’s effort to achieve its goal of constructing infrastructures which will pave the way for local African companies to become global and multinational corporations to go local in the continent. 

In 2018, Kora started its operations in Nigeria to make it easier for Africans living outside the continent to send money back home.

Since then, it has developed into infrastructure for payments in Africa, which helps multinational firms rapidly grow their operations across the continent. Because Kora requires just a single connection, companies may use it to accept payments, settle accounts and make payouts across a variety of payment methods.

Firms in twenty-five different African countries have access to the Kora product that can be shipped across borders.

Kora was awarded a commercial Payment Service Solution Provider license by the CBN earlier in 2022, which made it possible for the company to take another step in achieving its ultimate objective of providing standards for payments in Africa.

Businesses like Juice, Africa GiG, Dlocal, PayFuture and Africa. have already included a range of Kora’s products in their day-to-day operations throughout Africa.




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