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Stefanutti Stocks, A Major Player Moving Back Cloud to SA

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TechInAfrica – The construction giant Stefanutti Stocks is migrating back its VMware cloud environment from Europe to South Africa.

As a major player in the SA and Sub-Saharan African construction market and employing 7,500 staff to run projects from Cape Town to Dubai, its IT team is also converted to service provider to further strengthen the cloud performance.

“Our IT group acts like a service provider, or a reseller, providing different services for around 16 companies and 200 to 300 projects at any given point. So, we have to be agile and efficient and ensure access to systems no matter where the construction crew lands,” said Kevin Wilson, General Manager of Group IT Services.

“Our industry hasn’t changed in centuries. We are still laying bricks and building buildings. Many of our systems are older, as are the applications we use, because change is slow in this industry. Looking ahead, we are tinkering with new systems and solutions and hoping to build applications that support our IT-as-a-Service model.

“At Stefanutti, we rip out 60% of our networks every year because projects conclude, and sites change. This needs a high degree of agility, reinforced by 4IR elements, a capacity we have been building for years on VMware environments,” concluded Wilson.



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