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Strenghten African Machine Learning with Deep Learning Indaba


TechInAfrica — It is a common opinion that Africa is marginalized in global science, and the fast-paced science and technology progress is concentrated outside Africa. There is a lack of advanced education in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) on the continent.

There is vast talent across Africa that could be empowered to impact the world with AI and ML. In order to resolve the inequality, it is important to support innovation and the growing high-technology industry in Africa.

Deep Learning Indaba offers to strengthen machine learning in Africa through teaching, networking, policy debate, and supporting programs, such as the IndabaX and the Kambule and Maathai awards. This event is an annual conference that gathers hundreds of researchers for more than 40 African countries in which they present their work and discuss everything related to the subject.

This conference exists as an answer to the lack of events for researchers to gather and connect in the field. So, Deep Learning Indaba enables African participation in the AI scene that is still dominated by the West.

With the program that is currently running events in 27 African countries, Deep Learning Indaba works together with different research and tech communities in Africa to reduce inequalities in AI and ML education.

Since 2017, Deep Learning Indaba advances as a community, enabling students, researchers, and developers to meet and share knowledge on ML. This event has generated a community building within the African machine learning community.

There are certain outcomes that this conference aims, such as motivation of scientist and innovators to further their work through the awards, training and knowledge transfer for more than 3,000 students and practitioners in AI, ML, and data science, increased African participation, innovation, and visibility in the advances being made around AI, and fostering of local ML leadership in individual countries across Africa.



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