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How to Strengthen Your Facebook Ad Strategies


TechInAfrica – Digital transformation has brought the important role of social media in growing businesses, especially small businesses. Among social media channels, Facebook is a platform where you can run ads for your business. However, it isn’t easy to cate tor your advertising campaign to the audiences.

In order to help you figure out the strategies, we will share you some tips on how to strengthen your Facebook ads strategies cited from

How to Strengthen Your Facebook Ad Strategies
How to Strengthen Your Facebook Ad Strategies via
  • Understand the ad relevance scores

The first thing you do before carrying out with your ad campaign on Facebook, you should understand the ad relevance scores. It’s one of the important parts to get your message sent to the mass audiences. Learn how it works and how you can optimize your campaign by following the rules of the ad relevance scores.

At least, you learn the basic rules of ad relevance scores on Facebook in order to create the best marketing campaign in which attract Facebook users without getting a penalty from Facebook. In other words, don’t cheat. Know what you should and shouldn’t do when running a marketing campaign on the platform.

You can consider purchasing a consumer database sold by a database marketing company in order to get such valuable information. Thus, you can make up your campaign strategies on the platform.

  • Find information about customers’ data transactions

As it isn’t easy to get your message to potential consumers, you need to find a strategy on how it gets to them efficiently and effectively. In order to do this, you need to know information about customers’ data transactions as it gives you insights on what Facebook users purchase recently. It gives you an idea what your ad campaign should focus on and gets their attention.

  • Select your audience

After you get information and analyze the customers’ recent transaction, the next thing you should do is selecting your potential audience. It would be better if you can be as specific as possible in order to get to your online audience’s attention. Maybe you wondered why your Facebook ads only got fewer clicks. One of the reasons could be because it went to the wrong audience. That’s why you have to change your strategy so that it can reach out to the right audiences.

How to Strengthen Your Facebook Ad Strategies
How to Strengthen Your Facebook Ad Strategies via
  • Consider Messenger ads

Besides the Facebook platform itself, you can also consider running a campaign on Facebook Messenger. As it gets more popular day by day, many businesses have also taken advantage of it, incorporating the Messenger ads as one of their marketing strategies. This actually makes sense as many people like spending much time chatting via messenger services.

  • Approach your consumers personally

Last but not least, if you want to succeed with your Facebook ads strategies, you should approach your potential audience as personal as possible without violating their privacy. This helps to generate positive result where they will finally notice your campaign. The main goal of approaching your audience personally is to create an audience of highly-dedicated users who will pay attention to your Facebook advertisements.



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