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Syra Finance’s Blockchain Solution: Fixing African FX Access”



A significant challenge in Africa concerning global financial accessibility is the difficulty Africans face in effortlessly obtaining FX for their requirements, whether for educational expenses, participation in the gig economy, brief travels, or remote employment.

Many banks and financial entities fall short in addressing these FX demands, and the fintech solutions currently available to Africans have restrictions

Syra Finance is introducing a digital solution to bridge this gap in Africa’s global financial reach, empowering Africans to connect with global finance and conduct transactions globally

The Nigerian fintech startup, Syra, highlights that its multi-currency account comes with a virtual card creation feature. This lets users maintain and manage supported currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, and CAD, enabling them to spend without any constraints, anytime and anywhere.

The Syra Finance app will launch soon, offering users their Syra Rewards Visa® Debit Card, access to a global financial community, and exclusive discounts with Syra Finance’s international partners. This app allows users to swiftly open free accounts in USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, and over 20 other currencies within 90 seconds. Additionally, Syra is set to roll out a virtual dollar card that’s globally accepted with no spending caps.

Leveraging blockchain technology for its fintech solution, Syra aims to offer swifter financial transactions. This approach sidesteps the delays associated with other APIs, ensuring next-generation global financial access for Africans.




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