in , is Tunisia’s first digital platform for SME access financing

Share was launched on Wednesday by U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) in a recent partnership with Middle East Investment Initiative (MEII) as the first digital platform connecting financial institutions and SMEs. has been in operation since July 2020, giving its users 100% digital matchmaking services with the aim of facilitating the funding requirements for its enterprises. This platform enables all Tunisian micro and medium-sized enterprises a credible platform where they can tap into the financial tools.

The platform helps save time and maximize reach with a few simple clicks while maintaining the confidentiality of data passed through the platform. Financial advisors posted on the Tamweeli Platform provide the SMEs seeking funding technical support services while presenting their financial and accounting reports.

Further support that improves the quality of submitted files increases the chances of a startup attracting adequate funds. The platform also helps financial institutions answer the platforms entrepreneurs questions directly on the platform.

Source: African Manager


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