Tanzania’s Startup Ecosystem Has a Brighter Future

Buni Hub, Tanzania, Ekamatt Rogers Katuma

The startup ecosystems in different countries in Africa have got different stories. Things done to make tech ecosystem successful varies from one country to the other. Things done in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya Egypt and Nigerian ecosystem are never the same. Same applies to Tanzania due to the difference in the level of infrastructure and other several reasons too. We are going to take a look at what has made Tanzania tech space successful.

The first hugest innovation space in Tanzania was initiated by the government. This was Buni Hub situated in Dar es Salaam. It further led to the formation of other innovation spaces across Tanzania. But it never stopped there, the Commission For Science and Technology Tanzania is still helping in commissioning of other hubs.  Partnerships between corporate companies and startup ecosystems are now common in Tanzania. Some are even getting new products from the startup ecosystems. For instance, Tigo Twende App, Vodacom M-paper, and Tigo Backup were all founded through innovation from the ecosystem.

Formation of new blocks in common each day to support the ones that are already there. Kiondoni/Kijitonyama Bagamoyo Road is becoming the home of technology and innovation in Dar es Salaam. Many startups and tech companies are relocating to that area. This includes the University of Dar es Salaam College of ICT, Buni Hub and Sahara Accelerator, TTCL Data Centers and Commission For Science and Tech Tanzania. Furthermore, all the telecoms in Tanzania are found there. This is according to former co-founder of Boni Hub Jumanne Mtambalike. Jumanne co-founded of Sahara Ventures.

Policy framework, government and investment ecosystem are undergoing a revolution. This will offer a good stepping stone for governance, regulation, and innovation. The three acts as a bedrock of the startup ecosystem. Many organizations are coming up to support the startup scene. This leads to the emergence of other new startups.

However, Tanzania’s taxation policies do not favor the growth of ecosystems. Risky ventures are not in a position to get enough capital and funds. This is according to CEO of Ekamatt Rogers Katuma. However, in comparison to the last five years, there is hope in Tanzania.

The persistent political instability in Africa has influenced the decision of investors. Investors are only attracted to startups in countries with political stability. Furthermore high rates of corruption affect the economy. This then negatively affects the startup ecosystem due to withdrawal from investors. This is according to Worknasi co-founder Edgar Mwampinge.


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