Taz Technologies Startup Listed For 2018 Startupbootcamp (SBC) AfriTech Program


Kenyan innovators have been one of African innovators who make global headlines in the recent past. Kenyans have come up with various innovations that have not only helped to solve Kenyan problems but also borrowed by the global world to help them overcome various challenges in their countries. This has made Kenyan startups and innovators to receive global recognition.

The rich innovation in the country has attracted the interest of many organizations and investors both local and international to channel their financial support into the sector. This has helped in making the ideas more practical that has helped in the growth of many startups in the country. The latest startup to receive funding in Kenya is the Taz Technologies that stands a chance of receiving funding worth $17,500 (Ksh 1.7 million) and access to mentors and partners. Taz Technologies which initiated the Mpost innovation was shortlisted as amongst the 10 African tech startups that will each get that amount of funding and privileges.

Taz Technologies was the only Kenyan startup shortlisted to take part in the Startupbootcamp (SBC) AfriTech. Launched in 2010, Startupbootcamp (SBC) AfriTech scouts for the highly qualified tech startups to take part in an accelerator program that lasts for three months. The accelerator program will kick-off on 13th August 2018. Mpost recently launched a pick-n-drop feature giving a chance for seamless delivery of goods. According to Philip Kiracofe, the co-founder of Startupbootcamp AfriTech, the shortlisted startups got the privilege since their solutions are ready for the market and the sponsors are ready to work with them as soon as possible. Kiracofe made the statement during the announcement of the shortlisted startups.


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