A Partnership That Will Get Integrated Insurance to Ghanaian Businesses


eMudhra is a worldwide venture and a leading service provider that majors on Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation initiatives. The venture announced a partnership with Safety Insurance Brokers Limited (SIBL) from Ghana with an aim of offering integrated insurance to African ventures. eMudhra, a market leader in digital identity and transaction management solution will assist African organizations to help realize digital transformation. ‘Integrated Insurance’ service of eMudhra is found on emSigner which allows insurance to relocate from paperwork. The service will attend to both government institutions, banking and insurance companies in Africa.

eMudhra is currently working out to create one of the first integrated space in Africa across insurance providers, hospitals, insurance sponsors, and users to communicate and carry out transactions without involving paperwork for insurance claims. emSigner will be serving as a common link that connects Insurance ERP’s, hospital management systems, and various systems that makes that make insurance claim an easy process. According to Founder Chairman of eMudhra, Mr. V Srinivasan, many African countries are relocating to digital systems to minimize cost and increase mobility. He added that Africa would soon be a high growth market since there are many government institutions and BFSI looking to relocate to digital ecosystem. Srinivasan added that this is an encouraging project that could significantly add a lot of value to a lot of Ghanaian organizations and other African countries as well.

African ventures mostly use conventional ERP, CRM, DMS systems. However, the concept of paperless office and eDMS are yet to get to their best stages. A lot of organizations both private and public are focused on relocating to paperless. High penetration in counties across Africa gives digitization is imminent and needs to leverage on high mobile penetration effectively. Strategic Initiatives and Global Markets of eMudhra, Mr. Arvind Srinivasan, said that the paperless services could minimize paper across the claim process by more than 80%. It also helps higher stakeholder convenience. He added that this would help them in contributing towards first mobile Africa. Apart from allowing organizations to relocate from paperwork, emSigner will also help minimize human efforts at large. Organizations can also use it within a lot vertical either as an integrated solution or a separate system. The currently existing applications will help to digitally sign and dispatch any given document through the paperless office.

eMudhra has its headquarter in Bengaluru in India and has offices on 5 continents serving many customers globally. The venture is also the chairman of India PKI Consortium, vice chairman of ASIA PKI Consortium and a member of the UN council of Blockchain.


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