Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda to Host Startupbootcamp in March

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You may be asking yourself the startups that can apply to the FastTrack program. Simple, all startups dealing in e-commerce, FinTech, RetailTech, InsurTech and cybersecurity-related industries can apply.

After the inauguration of 2017 Startupbootcamp (SBC) in Cape Town, the organizers decided to tour various countries in 2018. During the first SBC, approximately 32 agreements were signed including proof-of-concept and pilots which accelerators signed. According to Philip Kiracofe, co-founder, and CEO of the SBC Cape Town program, he said that even the western states do not achieve much success in their first meeting. However, for SBC Cape Town in 2017, it proved that the program had recorded a success. Therefore, in March 2018, Rwanda will host its SBC 19th then Uganda on 21st and finally Kenya on 23rd. If you work with deadlines, ensure you apply before 3 days to the FastTrack program. Otherwise, the deadline for final accelerator program will be May 24, 2018.

The FastTrack tour for 2018 will look for talents related to cyber insurance, big data and analytics, commerce and e-commerce, financial inclusion, blockchain and distributed ledger, identity and authentication, IoT, data and behavioral analytics, P2P Lending and Cross-border Transactions.

Philip Kiracofe also said that Africa remains to be the cradleland of disruption and innovation. Despite high population growth rate in the continent, we still see various innovations. Besides, he said that SBC program will continue to support various innovations in Africa.

The FastTrack programs in Uganda, Kenya, and Uganda will enable startup founders to meet with mentors and sponsors. The first ten startups to apply for the program will receive immediate feedback. The top ten startups will then qualify for a three-month program in Cape Town. This will occur from September 2018.

We encourage startups from various countries to apply for the FastTrack program since they will get feedback from experts. The mentors will also expose the startup founders to the global community.

Zachariah George, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Startupbootcamp Cape Town also advised that startups apply even if they won’t make it to the final program. Besides, he said that the mentorship and training these startups will receive will sound valuable for their operations.

To apply for the program, follow  here


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