Rwanda to Host the Global StartupsBootCamp

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The government of Israel promised to finance five best 2017 startups focusing on business management and technological innovation in Africa.

Rwanda will host the forthcoming global Startup Boot Camp (SBC) on 19th March 2018 in Kigali. The event intends to nurture science and innovation and rewarding top talented startups within and outside the continent. Besides, about18 pre-trial events will take place before the final continental SBC completion.

The Startupbootcamp (SBC) is a worldwide collection of industries which intend to accelerate and launch the first Africa innovative based program.

The application process for scouting upcoming talented innovative youths is in progress. The successful applicants will benefit by training with topmost entrepreneurs such as Philip Kiracofe, Paul Nel, Zachariah George among others.

The SBC event was first launched in 2017 in Cape Town South Africa.  The aim was to search talented African innovative startups and sourcing startup-top tie tech in the continent. During the event, Cape Town startup scooped 32 good corporate agreements consisting of proof of concepts and pilots.

According to Philip Kiracofe, SBC CEO, the Cape Town achievement was outstanding in the entire globe.  Moreover, the mature international markets in Europe and US require at least 3 years to attain similar achievement.  It is therefore believed that such camps will influence African startups to invest more in science and technology.  The move is projected to put Africa in the forefront in terms of innovative ideas and act as a benchmark worldwide.

Local startups policies mainly on ICT development revealed that Rwanda’s tech inventions can hasten the continent innovation in future.

The initial track event targets eligible startups operating in CyberSecurity, eCommerce, FinTech, RetailTech, InsurTech and other related industries.  Nevertheless, the respective startups also obligated to show interest in Payment Solutions, Insurance and Cyber Insurance, Data and Behavioral Analytics.  Other disciplines where startups interests required include Personal Financial Management, P2P Lending Internet of Things (IoT) and Cross-border Transactions.

Rwanda’s startup (YegoMoto) a motorcycle company currently uses improved online money payment system to monitor operation and manage taxi sector.  In addition, the country public transport has also shifted to a cashless mode of payment.

Rwanda partnership with Zipline a Californian- based startup has resulted in the establishment of the fastest drone delivery initiative. The program aids in quick blood transportation in poor terrains within a short span.  The startup also participates in the manufacturing of laptops via Kigali Special Economic Zone for BGH Argentina Company.

Despite financial challenges to support innovative talents, most startups inventions in Rwanda take place outside tech labs. Recently, Umuhoza Cedrick and Partick Umuhire, college students invented ‘Vuga Pay’ that facilitates online mobile money transfer within and across borders.


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