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Tech24 Launched Ameyo For Enterprises


TechInAfrica – Tech24 has released Ameyo business in the local market, which is a software package that enables companies and organizations alike to improve their user experience.

The omnichannel service works as a call center management software that will transform a customer’s experience through the integration of front office communication with back-office, delivering exceptional service, and impress the customers’ experience. Ameyo provides enterprises with a brilliant and sufficient platform for analyzing and improving the customer journey.

According to Tech24 management, the software has enhanced the company’s capacity to manage their clients’ omnichannel interactions by empowering their workforces with simple and intuitive integrations, and thus, enable the customers for the self-service experience.

As an integrated IT solutions firm, Tech24 explained how the software has done a fair share of assisting the company on gaining a significant threshold of market share, moving from a single client to gaining the 40% mark with the software.


The company is capable of offering a variety of solutions to the customers, which range from renting facilities; desks, chairs, computers, and the associated technologies to a complete outsourcing solution, such as desks, chairs, and others, as well as supervisors and call center managers, as stated by Tech24 management.

“Tech24 operates as though it is an extension of the client company’s brand. Given access to the client company’s systems, Tech24 will be able to emulate the environment, thus delivering superior customer service as well as value for money,” The management added.

As one of Zimbabwe’s growing call centers on the industry, Tech24 has reached out to local clients such as GeneInsurance, BancABC, Liquid Telecom, and FBC Holdings. The company is also one of the major sponsors for next month’s inaugural BPO & Contact Center Conference and Expo, and the inaugural event comprises part of the first big-scale developmental initiative targeted at placing Zimbabwe as the top destination of global BPO and Contact Centre.



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