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Worley And AVEVA Together For A Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Management Solution


TechInAfrica – Today (26th August), AVEVA, an Engineering and Industrial Software company, announced a partnership with Worley, an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company. Worley will combine its Engineering, Procurement, and Construction’s expertise with AVEVA’s industrial software knowledge to accomplish what is to be deemed the ‘first’ cloud-based Enterprise Resource Management solution that’s optimized specifically for the EPC market.

The partnership would let AVEVA shares its Enterprise Resource Management solutions with Worley for the preferred materials management platform, and that Worley will use AVEVA’s Enterprise Resource Management solution as its preferred materials management platform

To remain competitive, the global market of EPCs has to undergo the transition from on-premises infrastructure toward a cloud-based enterprise resource management. In this frame, Worley’s objective is to help its customers streamline their materials management for them to be able to solve some of these challenges, while also implementing several improvements and changes. The partnership of Worley and AVEVA is meant for them to be the industry’s first cloud-based enterprise resource management platform after Worley’s review of AVEVA’s solution.

A number of EPCS are facing challenges on reducing the projects’ costs while trying to match its pace with the constant change of trends in the IT setting, according to a press release from AVEVA. EPC projects are run as mini-enterprises, making the hosting and configuration of the enterprise projects costly, restricting and duly untenable.

“With AVEVA, we saw a commitment to developing this solution together to create something best-in-class for engineering. We believe the AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management solution marks a step forward for productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness that will drive the EPC industry forward,” Andrew Wood, the CEO of Worley said, reflective of the period of change that the EPC market is currently undergoing of, and that customers are relying on the company to help them find solutions on what they’re troubled with. He also added that the advances in technology and disruption have provided the company with an opportunity to rethink its approach to the topic of materials management and that the need to create an efficient and customized cloud-based solution for the nuances of the market is desired.

AVEVA and Worley’s cloud-based solution is said to be the first of its kind and will be fully optimized for the EPC market. Due to the integration of Worley’s expertise and knowledge in EPC supply chain management into AVEVA’s Enterprise Resource Management solution, a new set of solutions, therefore, are born to serve as a counter for the current EPC market challenges, which are as the follows:

  • Project-specific functionality: Enabling EPCs to view and work on projects in AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management as stand-alone entities
  • Updated catalogs and specifications module: Migration of Worley’s legacy corporate catalog and specifications to create a sturdy and robust, easy-to-use model for EPCs
  • Training solution: Allowing EPCs to streamline internal training on the new solution

In April 2019, the final stage of a 4-phase program was carried out by the two companies to develop the AVEVA’s Enterprise Resource Management solution for EPCs. With the first phase included design, the second phase incorporated the build of the solution, the third phase included integrations and catalog readiness, and the fourth stage will observe the project going live and the decommissioning of Worley’s legacy solution. As part of this program, the AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management solution is considered to reduce 23% of the training time across engineering, procurement, and project controls. The program’s participants have also noted that the solution is simple, easy to use and that it is providing quality training materials as well as the well-suited and proper functionality for the current EPC projects.

Credit: AVEVAGroup via Twitter

The CEO of AVEVA, Craig Hayman, stated that a transparent and open working relationship, with a keen focus on the success of the initiative, played a crucial role into adjusting through all the challenges met in the project and that this solution is something they are proud to have delivered together. The team that co-managed the project, with respect to its construction, has well exceeded all expectations.

“We set up stringent delivery benchmarks and executed the project in phases to ensure alignment between the teams remained in place,” Hayman added.

 The first official project roll-out for Worley on the AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management solution for EPCs will begin on August 2019, in which Worley will use AVEVA Enterprise Resource Management and AVEVA Everything3D innovative plant projection execution software altogether. The two companies have mutually agreed to work in union step, to continue the growth and maturing of the enterprise resource management for the EPC market.



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