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Zim411, The Latest Ad Platform From NetOne


TechInAfrica – Zim411, an SMS-based ad platform meant for connecting sellers and buyers has been introduced by NetOne.

The platform can be accessed through smartphones and feature phones for about 10 cents. It has cemented among the innovations that lately crowded the mobile app scenes.

Connecting to vast markets is also ease for the entrepreneurs coming from diverse age groups in either urban or rural areas. More details are yet to be revealed about the mechanism of the actual service, but for now, what’s certain is that users can send an SMS to 362 with their chosen ad, with a set of keywords that inform their target regarding the required or offered product and service. If you are a seller of a product or service, the ad will be placed on the system for 30 days limit.


For buyers, they will be able to locate products by sending messages equipped with keywords for their searches to 362, and they will also have an option to view pictures and set reminders for the products and services that hold their interest.

 Zim 44 will also bring updates of fuel information, according to NetOne. It is an addition to the latest installment of Value Added services, Pick and Win, and One-Roulette by NetOne. Pick and Win is a USSD-based game, which lets customers choose a number and offer them a chance to win airtime prizes of numerous amounts, of course, if they manage to choose the lucky number. One-Roulette, also in the vein of Pick and Win, lets customers guess the winning number to win from the pool of money. The pool itself starts from $RTGS10, with 10c added occasionally to it when a participant begins his turn but fails to win.

You can access the games by entering *360# and win daily prizes.



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