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Techno System to End Rhino Poaching by Counterfeiting Illegal Goods


TechInAfrica – Rhino poaching has been on a steady rise leading to the drastic drop in the number of rhinos. The concerned governments have tried to curb poaching by legal means possible without any success.

As the economic law states; the lower the supply, the higher the demand, has made it tougher on finding a breakthrough on the ban.  Through the elimination of poaching by the legal means, it has led to the consumers to look for other ways so long as their needs are satisfied. Strictness by the government has led to the rise of more illegal markets ‘Black Market’ where the rhino horns can be found.

The monopoly enjoyed by the illegal rhino horn sellers has led to an increase in the prices keeping in mind that they are taking risks.  Despite the fact that the business is illegal, the deals have been so sweet hence increasing the trade. The black markets have led to the high killing of rhinos. The ban by the international market has made the animal’s horn to be three to four times expensive than gold which is believed to be most precious mineral.

The rhino horns are used in the manufacture of valuable carvings, jewelry, and traditional Chinese medicine. The rhino population has reduced drastically. Out of five rhinos, three are said to at risk from poachers and habitat loss. 1054 rhinos are reported to be killed in 2016 only in South Africa that is a big number as compared to 13 rhinos in 2007.

A biotech startup technology has been established to curb the loos. Ambient is trying to protect the rhinos from the danger by making rhino horns. The idea is to make horns from Keratin, where a protein organism is used when there is need to make the horns flexible and robust. Some of the raw materials include fingernails and hooves, hair or fur, horns, and claws.  Ambient hopes at manufacturing replica of the real horns and this is aimed at shifting the customer’s attention hence protecting the rhinos from danger. The fact remains that the artificial horns will be relatively cheaper than the natural horns.

The flooding of the market by the artificial horns will make poachers abandon poaching and seek other employment. However, there are concerns from different corners of the initiative. Some tend to argue that the market is already flooded with the fake horns and that will not have any impact on the illegal business. Some also say that the initiative will shift attention from concentrating on the longtime ways of doing away with rhino poaching.


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