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Technology Makes It Easier to Acquire Medicine


TechInAfrica – In most cases, we find it hard to line up in drug retailing shops to buy drugs. Maybe you don’t want the retailer to know that you’re suffering from a given type of medicine, or your strict timetable offers you no time to visit the drug retailing shops. It’s obvious that most of the pharmaceutical stores close by midnight, what if you or your family members fall sick in the middle of the night? That will be one of the longest nights of your lifetime. You don’t have to worry anymore, mPharma gives you a chance to be attended to at any time in a proper way.

The company was founded by Ghanaian Greg Rockson in June 2013. The company deals with managing prescription drug inventory for pharmacies and their suppliers in four African countries but planning to spread its services outside of Africa. mPhama provides financing o customers enabling it to have more sales. The company’s high speed of growth is attracting donors, and it was in a position to receive funding of around $ 6.6 Million which was announced on23rd November 2017.

The recent funding comes from companies like Silicon Valley ventures capital firm, Social capital, and VCs Golden Palm investment and 4DX Ventures. The company also got backing from new investors from Senegal, Kenya, and Turkey. Jim Breyer who is a Facebook investor is also joining the group as an observer role.

Currently, the firm has more than forty employees and has its operations in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. It has more than 70 retailers serving a population of over20,000 patients monthly especially in private hospitals. The firm aims at improving on the usage software for more customers. Africa has the shortage of medical specialists with a shortage of 4.2 million health workers making it the second worst health workers shortage. Much of force in the health sector has been redirected on dealing with mostly spread diseases like malaria and HIV/AIDS.

General lack of medical infrastructures and medical technology has left patient in a worst state than they were. With low impact from the government towards health, it has led to opening up of many private health hospitals making it more expensive for the people to acquire service at low cost. The firm is looking forward to capitalizing on the shortage and increases its market by giving out best services at an affordable price.


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