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Startup in Africa thrive in the Migration Entrepreneurship Prize


At this year’s Migration Entrepreneurship Prize, seven tech startups from Nigeria won the top prizes.

Seedstars is a private corporation established in Switzerland that claims it has also recognized the achievements of a few startups based in the countries of Ghana, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Egypt, and Ethiopia. The Migration Entrepreneurship Prize is given out with the help of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Peace and Human Rights Division.

The winning startups are from places with a lot of migration, and they work to solve the problems that lead to illegal migration and improve the social and economic rights of migrants.

TID is one of the winners, an automated, digitized platform for background checks that helps up to 1 million persons in Nigeria who need a police character certificate.

It is believed that Ghana’s H28 Technologies would boost the percentage of successful home loan applications, whereas Ethiopia’s Chapa Financial Technologies will empower MSMEs to access international and local markets.

After the success of its inaugural cohort, twenty startup companies were chosen to provide solutions for problems across various industries, including economy, education, health, and more. The second round of enterprises to be considered for the Migration Entrepreneurship Prize was announced recently. The prize is awarded to socially-driven companies to improve the socio-economic inclusion of migrants.

We are excited to see the innovative ways the winning startups will provide migrants with the opportunity to work and make a life for themselves and their families. According to Jana Rothlisberger, the project manager at the FDFA, “Entrepreneurship by, with, and for migrants has a significant potential to enhance the lives of people in countries of origin, transit, and destination.”

You can find the complete list of the twenty startup companies that won the second cohort of the Migration Entrepreneurship Prize here in 2022. The global winners will be given access to the Investor, Seedstars network of partners and mentors, and the opportunity to participate in the Seedstars Investment Readiness Program.




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