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South African gaming start up, Skrmiish gets $2.5 million in seed round


krmiish  is a “play-to-earn” app for mobile devices in South Africa. It lets players of all skill levels earn money every time they play any AAA+ game they like. It has gotten a $2.5M seed round to speed up its growth worldwide.

Several investors participated in the investment round, including Stellar,Launch Africa Ventures and the Blockchain Founders Fund.

MoneyMatch is a feature developed by Skrmiish and made available to users in 2021. It enables users to earn real money in each match they compete in, eliminating the need for users to either wait for a tournament or find a fellow player to compete against.

Over one hundred thousand people from over one hundred countries have already signed up to participate in the new venture.

According to Luke Grob, CEO of Skirmish, the team’s capability to integrate the Skrmiish economic value system and develop a play-to-earn framework for most gamers worldwide will be hastened as a result. Luke Grob is quoted as saying that this will occur.

This makes the industries of blockchain-based gaming and competitive esports accessible to more people and ushers in a new era in terms of how simple it is for anyone to generate money while playing video games. Grob said that we are ecstatic to debut our new MoneyMatch function, which will be available in various games. This will take casual gaming to an entirely new level of excitement, which we believe will be enjoyed by players worldwide.

Skrmiish will be able to launch its Skrmiish cryptocurrency, as well as integrate additional game franchises, boost monthly revenue, expand its operations into Latin and North America, and increase monthly revenue. In addition, to further improve the already exceptional personnel and continue taking the company forward, it will attempt to add a few important experienced professionals as soon as possible.




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