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How Telecommunication Technology Changes

TechInAfrica – Technology is something that has always become a part of our lives, making our lives a lot easier and efficient. As it brings benefits to our life, including providing solutions to our daily life’s problems.

Like any other things in this world, technology has also changed, especially telecommunication technology. According to the article on, the change in telecommunication technology is quite significant over the past two decades. We are witnessing how it has changed and made us all connected through smart devices. There is no more distant, we can all communicate and linked, thanks to the advanced telecommunication technology.

How Telecommunication Technology Changes
How Telecommunication Technology Changes

Speaking about telecommunication technology that connects world citizens, we will have to talk about the internet. Without the internet connection, there’s no use of what you call smartphones or smart devices. Many other technologies have taken benefits from it and soon they will change too. As they change, they will be substituted by better ones following human desire. As a result, telecommunication technology will never be the same as it is today.

Currently, telecommunication technology is introducing the 5G network, which is much faster than the previous networks (4G, 3G, 2G). Using the 5G network, we are able to download better quality of movies and videos or do other activities involving the rapid internet connection. Now we see how these network revolutions changing within a couple of decades.

How Telecommunication Technology Changes.
How Telecommunication Technology Changes

It’s not impossible if later in the future, the internet of things will connect millions of much smaller devices and make our life all connected and easier. Furthermore, both with Artificial Intelligence (AI), they will make the age of telecommunication technology arise and soon will take over all industries.

IoT and AI can process and analyze certain information, offering solutions to our everyday life’s problems, including in the areas of healthcare, financing, education, agriculture, and so on. This will become a realization once the 5G network out for sale. With its rapid data coverage and cloud computing, we can access a vast range of information and work more efficiently. It’s even predicted that the first 5G smartphones will be introduced commercially this year and there will be 1 billion of 5G devices utilized around the world.


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