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The Effective Social Media Management Tools You Must Have.


Social media has transformed the way businesses connect with their target customers around Africa and even the world at large. This depth of digital penetration has caused many businesses to leverage the force of social media to their advantage when marketing value to potential customers. A recent PR Newswire report shows the poll obtained from 1,003 small businesses of which 25% consider social media to be their most valuable marketing tool. We can see that the impact of social media on businesses will only keep increasing.

Social media management has become an industry in itself as it has quite several tools that allow for effortless content creation, scheduling posting, and data analysis. Below are three key tools that will make social media management easy.

Google Calendar: Planning content can be tiring, however, Google Calendar helps you space out your post at your frequency. After you have decided on your days and times of posting, you can schedule a reminder to keep you accountable. One thing to note is that consistency is very vital if you’re to build a social media community. Having your followers be able to anticipate your posts and content is a bonus that comes through consistency. You can access the Google calendar from Google workspace.

Canva: This is a graphics platform for creating all kinds of images and graphics for your social media content. It’s a platform where people with little to no design experience can explore as they have ready-made templates that can be manipulated easily. With Canva, you can input images, explore fonts and colors and create a brand kit that distinguishes your brand from others. If you’re a social media manager with limited design experience then Canva may just be for you. They offer a free trial for users on their website or app.

MTN Thryve Ads: After you have organized your graphics, photos, and videos for your content, MTN Thryve Ads can help you set up your social media ads account and get it approved in no time. This platform is relatively new with simpler payment options that enable you to avoid issues that arise from making an international payment. They also help you monitor how your campaign is doing via their interactive dashboard. 

Global statistics have shown that on average people spend 157 minutes on social media daily, therefore growing your social media presence is crucial to growing your brand’s awareness. To properly maximize social media to increase your earnings, you need to pay attention to the tools that help you create, publish and monitor your social media content. With Google Calendar, Canva, and MTN Thryve, you have the ultimate social media management weapons at your fingertips.

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