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The Egyptian Emonovo Company Closes Bridge Financing


Emonovo (formerly MARJ3) is the best education technology platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It has received an unspecified bridge round from strategic angel investors in the US, Europe, and MENA, and Flat6Labs has made a follow-up investment.

Emonovo makes use of data and technology to facilitate connections between students from the MENA region and major universities located all over the world.

The angel investors who contributed to the venture have impressive track records in the fields of education technology, financial technology, human resources, and investments. Additionally, they have extensive work experience at major corporations such as META, Klarna, and Alan, in addition to notable venture capital and private equity firms.

The Emonovo team and platform have always been very important to Flat6Labs. This investment shows that we believe in Emonovo’s goal of helping students in the MENA region get a college degree.

The Emonovo team and platform have always been very important to Flat6Labs. This investment shows that we believe in Emonovo’s goal of helping students in the MENA region get a college degree.

The Chief Investment Officer of Flat6Labs, Dina El-Shenoufy, stated her excitement over how the team intends to develop its platform further and aid more potential students in achieving their academic aspirations at the finest universities worldwide.

Willie Elamien, an angel investor, said, “I am a firm believer in the ability of education to improve people’s lives, and I’m very glad to be sponsoring the team behind Emonovo.”

With the help of this investment, the new business model will be bolstered, and the platform’s growth in terms of university recruitment and student enrollment will be fueled.

In addition, it will be used to upgrade the technology that underpins the platform, resulting in improved data management and matching.

Angel investor Rama A. Chakaki, committed to both the advancement of technology and positive social change, said, “I’m happy to invest in Emonovo, the future of higher education in the region.”

The three co-founders concluded that they wanted to provide students with unwavering assistance from the very beginning to the very finish of their educational experience.

They shifted their focus from scholarships to university and student matching.

In March 2022, after undergoing internal and external changes and new branding, the company formerly known as Marj3 changed its name to Emonovo.

Because of the success of this round of strategic funding, we will be able to make Emonovo available to a far larger number of students than ever before.

Sami Al-Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer  & Co-Founder of Emonovo, said: “Our primary aim is to assist students in accomplishing their educational goal, and I am incredibly thrilled that our investors are fully integrated with us in making our innovative solutions and technological experience available for everyone soon.”

Marj3 was established in July 2016 by Abdo Samy, Sami Al-Ahmad, and Ahmed Elgebaly to give young Arabs access to educational opportunities available on a worldwide scale.

Less than a year after it was made, Flat6Labs’ FAC Egypt Fund gave the platform it is first pre-Seed funding.

In 2020, it also obtained funding from an investment firm in the United States known as Expert Dojo. As a direct result of this, it was able to build links with more than 300 institutions worldwide.

At the beginning of this year, the company shifted its primary focus from connecting applicants with universities to doing the same for students looking for scholarships.

Emonovo will be able to extend its student recruitment efforts and partner with additional educational institutions due to the latest round of funding. Additionally, the platform’s technology will be upgraded, resulting in improved data management and matching.




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