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The Haller Foundation Join Forces with Deciwatt to Increase Accessibility for Safe Sources of Light and Electricity in Kenya

credit: Haller Foundation

TechInAfrica – The Haller Foundation is proceeding with its efforts to help smallholder ranchers in the country through its Partnership with Deciwatt. The Haller Foundation itself is a grassroots NGO registered in the UK and based in Kenya. Meanwhile, Deciwatt is an association and charity that gives sustainable, minimal expense, low-energy lighting, and power to country networks.

Deciwatt provided 12 sustainable NowLights to the Foundation in supporting the re-launching of the Haller Foundation’s award-winning Haller Farmers App to support the Haller Foundation’s endeavors in supporting and advancing the existence of smallholder ranchers in country regions in Kenya.

On its official blog, Deciwatt stated that they are delighted to establish its existing alliance with The Haller Foundation, where it contributed Gravity Lights in early 2019.

Moreover, it was a positive action for Deciwatt to develop their connection. Therefore, they can send NowLight to those who need the equipment. The organization also shows its gratitude to all customers who have contributed towards the occasion. The supply of NowLight was from the funds donated by many people through the charity.

Currently, NowLight has become the option for people out there because it can bring instant light and power at the pull of a cord. Pulling on the string for one moment makes 15 minutes of talk-time on a cell phone or as long as 2 hours of light.

According to Deciwatt, the organization has donated 12 NowLight to Haller Foundation ambassadors in Kenya. They are ranchers who have participated in boosting Haller Farmers through verbal exchange with the surrounding communities. Deciwatt plans to continue supporting and helping smallholder ranchers in the country through future associations with Haller.

The Haller Foundation reports that it always attempts to find ways to produce and encourage sustainable partnerships, and there is no difference between its recent fellowship with Deciwatt. Previously, Haller had collaborated with Deciwatt to supply 1,350 GravityLights to families in communities surrounding Mombasa.



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