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The Partnership Between AWS and BlackBerry to Drive Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform

credit: AWS

TechInAfrica – Amazon Web Services (AWS) has partnered with BlackBerry to develop and market BlackBerry’s Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform, IVY. 

BlackBerry IVY is a versatile, cloud-associated programming platform that is required to permit automakers to give a reliable and secure approach to read vehicle sensor information, standardize it, and make actionable experiences from that information both locally in the vehicle and the cloud. Automakers can utilize this data to make responsive in-vehicle benefits that improve driver and passenger experiences.

John Chen, Executive Chairman, and CEO of BlackBerry says that information and availability are opening new roads for advancement in the automotive business. BlackBerry and AWS have the same vision to supply automakers and designers with better experiences so they can convey new services to consumers. 

He added that the software platform vows to present a time of the development to the in-vehicle experience and help to make new applications, services, and changes without compromising safety, security, or customer privacy. The company is satisfied to expand its relationship with AWS to perform the vision and convey BlackBerry IVY.

According to Andy Jassy, CEO of AWS Inc, both companies intend to present an opportunity for any automaker to continually recreate the customer experience and change vehicles from fixed pieces of technology into systems. The transformation can grow and adjust to users’ demands and preferences. 

Through the partnership with BlackBerry, AWS will present automakers with the insights, capabilities, agility, and speed they need to expand in an increasingly connected world. BlackBerry IVY enables automakers to construct their brands and set the standard for connected vehicle administrations over the automotive business since automakers look to race ahead in their digital changes. 



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