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The Rise of Virtual Experiences in South Africa According to MasterCard’s Research

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TechInAfrica – People have changed the way they spend time on entertainment and learn new skills when adapting to the ‘next normal’. 

68% of South African consumers confirmed that during the global pandemic, they had spent the time to have a positive learning experience. Two thirds (76%) of respondents learned to bank online, while more than 55% of them try to cook using the online tutorial. 52% of South African also control their health and get their medicines online, while 51% of them trained themselves in Do-It-Yourself. Around 39% of respondents registered in an online university or educational course, 29% learned to dance, and 28% learned to do make-up.

Suzanne Morel, Country Manager at Mastercard of South Africa says that all people now have been set to the new way of living and are understandably shopping more online. However, it is not the way for essential things such as data, clothes, and groceries, but the virtual experience such as film and cooking class. This popular activity exists here since 72% of respondents answer that they will continue shopping online after the pandemic. 

She added that this current condition led many people to access the digital economy. For that reason, MasterCard is continually working to create an inclusive, simple, seamless, and secure online shopping experience for everyone, whether they are shopping for essentials or experiences.


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