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Research Say, South African’s are Shopping More Online Thanks to COVID-19

credit: Karolina Grabowska from Kaboompics

TechInAfrica – Based on the research done by MasterCard, it shows that 68% of South Africans are spending time online than they were prior to the pandemic. 

There is an online growth in the essential items. 81% of South African consumers say that they are spending money on purchasing data, and more than half (58%) mention that they are buying clothes and groceries (54%) online since the pandemic started. 

The research says that the time people spend at home makes consumers more generous since 23% of them confirm that they have donated more to a charity than the pre-lockdown. 63% also support their favorite small businesses by saying that they did this consciously to purchase online at these retailers. 

Since there is only a little opportunity to explore in stores or on the high street, 64% of respondents say that social media comes as the main platform to discover the most interesting products and deals. Meanwhile, 42% of respondents mention that they had found new sellers from Facebook and Instagram. 

The research also mentions that 78% of respondents say the price is the key factor for South African shoppers. It becomes the most consideration for them that leads their online shopping decision. Even, 75% of typical in-store bargain hunters browse many different sites to find the best deals, and nearly half (43%) of window shoppers say that they regularly make their wish list but do not always purchase. 



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