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Top 5 Coworking Spaces For Startups In Kampala

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TechInAfrica – You may be wondering what coworking spaces are. The term sounds familiar to you, but not quite so.

Unlike a traditional office setup, a coworking space lets you work in a room of crowds with a ‘reasonable’ number. While working together in the same space, you also enjoy the facilities that support your working endeavors (speedy wifi, efficient printer, etc).

Coworking spaces have been a global trend over the last decade, and Uganda is no exception to this. Albeit the country’s early stage status in the coworking realm, existing tech hubs have steadily grown to keep startups thriving; with cozy and resourceful coworking space.

Calling Kampala, one of Uganda’s major cities which offers a wide range of coworking spaces for startups to run their creative process.

Are you a startup in Kampala looking for a pick-me-up coworking space? Keep reading to find your new favorite space.

  1. Innovation Village

First on the list, Innovation Village is where all kinds of businesses gather, from startups, investors, to researchers.

Founded in 2015, the hub brings networking to the next level, by designing an ecosystem that allows startups to collaborate and create new initiatives together.

The offered coworking space is open for 24-hour access, equipped with meeting rooms, super-fast wifi, and free coffee.

credit: Innovation Village / FB

So far, it has 10 categories of the industrial field for startups to pick, such as edtech, tourism, supply chain, agtech, and more.

Once accepted into the community, your startup will be exposed to various opportunities, from seed funding, mentorship, programs, sponsors, services, and the marketplace.

You can register by filling their form to join.

Location: Ntinda Shopping Complex, Block B&C on the 3rd floor.

  1. Hive Colab 

Hive Colab was founded in 2010 by Jon Gosier, Marieme Jamme, Daniel Stern, Teddy Ruge, with support from Barbara Birungi as the first coworking space and incubation hub in the country.

An AfricaApp initiative, the coworking space from the tech hub is tailored for startups in all stages looking forward to a space that gives a professional environment and easy access to the internet.

credit: Hive Collab / FB

Not only welcomed with their big and convenient space, but the tech hub also has their in-house consultants ready whenever the startups require guidance or insights in their progress.

Want to get your startup is known to the locals and global? Hive Colab will get you cover with its range of diverse networking to help your startup connected to the suited investor.

Location: 4th floor of Kanjokya House, Plot 90, Kanjokya Street.

Contact their office number at +256 (0)392 177 978 for more info.

  1. Design Hub Kampala 

As the name implies, Design Hub Kampala is meant for the fusion of collaborative space among tech startups and creative industry professionals.

The coworking space is a re-designed warehouse that spans 2000 sqm, where startups, freelancers, designers, marketers engage in a productive environment that fosters their creativity and efficiency.

credit: Design Hub Kampala / FB

Join their community by applying for membership through this form.

Location: Plot 3 Bata Close, 5th Street Industrial Area

Phone: +256 (0)39 320 6009

  1. Outbox

A launchpad for new ideas, Outbox is an innovation hub that brings together startups in a coworking space that strives to boost their productivity and goals.

The hub is also loaded with opportunities as a result of their partnership with Google for Startups among others, which means more opportunities for your startup in both the local and global scene.

credit: Outbox / FB

You can also attend their workshop events and entrepreneur meet-ups to level up your reach in the scene.

Fill the form here to save a spot for their coworking space.

Location: 4th & 6th Floor, Soliz House, Lumumba Avenue

Phone: +256 392 000152

  1. Women In Technology Uganda (WITU)

If you are a women-led startup and want to connect with similar-led startups, the coworking space from Women In Technology Uganda (WITU) might be the perfect match for you.

Enrolling in the hub training will give you the necessary skills and insights in developing. Along with that, the respective tools and resources will be offered to you on growing your startup.

credit: WITU / FB

For more info on joining and other questions you might have, you can email them at [email protected].

Location: 18 Kanjokya St, Kampala

 Phone: +256393252094


The best coworking space is the one that makes you truly feel in your element. We hope that you get to meet the one that screams pick-me-up from our list, and get your ideal space in no time.


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